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Yet these workplace situations can feel like landmines.

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After all, the stakes are potentially high. Not every situation calls for assertiveness, and only you can gauge which battles are worth fighting.

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But if you want to try being assertive, think strategically. What right do I have to say no? Why not get their bosses to prioritize their tasks? Which is the most important? Paterson — who manages employees — says he often assigns work without an idea of how long it will take, so he depends on feedback to gauge it.

A big part of saying no as an employee is in the delivery. Which do you prefer? Lease said. Want to make a workplace where people actually want to work? There are concrete, evidence-based things every worker can do to help workplaces be places with a shared sense of purpose and work ethic.

Women are routinely chided for not standing up for themselves at work.

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This kind of blame game puts all the responsibilities on individual women instead of structural reasons see: misogyny. Earlier this year, Dr. Lease argued in an editorial in the journal Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice that assertiveness can be a double-edged sword for women.

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Lease explained. Violating those gender norms in the workplace may be risky. Women who negotiate for a pay raise may be perceived negatively, for instance. She suggests a two-part strategy:. First, women who want to become more assertive should learn the skills to feel comfortable speaking their mind in meetings or asking for assignments best suited to their talents. The second part is trickier. Lease suggested. Even if it is unfair and borderline infuriating, women will be best served by reading the room and figuring out how they can shape their requests to be more in line with gender expectations.

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I hear you. But in this world, getting what women want entails being strategic. Some people can confidently express themselves at work but struggle to articulate their needs to their relatives.

Resentment is a gift, Dr. Hanks explained. A mother in one of Dr. She had nagged him about the empty tank, but still let him use her car. The group counseled her to set new expectation. If not, you can borrow it again after a two-week gap. Paterson said.

Assertiveness is the cure for Irish 'disease to please'

Not everyone is going to be happy if you stop being a pushover. When they notice a change, some people may grumble about it or even have a temper tantrum. Ignore this behavior, as long as you were respectful in how you acted. Teaching your child assertiveness goes hand in hand with making it clear they have a right to voice an opinion and an obligation to respect other opinions.

A classic problem of childhood is wanting to join a group of kids on the playground, but being scared of rejection. If your child is on the sidelines but unhappy about it, help them find the words to ask to join, Ms. Schab said. Can I play basketball with you? Or they could bring a ball next time and ask one friendly child to play. An aggressive kid may steal the ball and end up playing that way, Ms. Try to read them. Resentment builds up between children, too. Your child may be ticked off that a friend always chooses what gets played and he or she never gets a turn to be the decider.

But just like an adult, he or she may not know how to make their wishes known, without offending their friend. Role play difficult conversations. Hanks suggests helping children think through what they think, feel, want and need. Using those verbs, have them form sentences that can tell their friend. Role model for them. Hanks has four children.

What stands in the way? Being aware of common reasons for not speaking up can help you better understand your own unwillingness to act in the moment and change your behavior the next time you feel like you should have said something. Twitter: cslwrites. Be Assertive, Not Aggressive You can stand up for yourself without resorting to bullying. How to Be Assertive There are a number of ways assertiveness plays out. And it can take practice. A boss may require more rationale, but a succinct answer is still best.

If nothing else, I thought it would be an interesting read to see that perspective. Then came the section on how to accept a compliment and that one was personally helpful. The section on how to ask your boss for a pay rise was fascinating. The section on loving your own body and accepting yourself was astonishingly uplifting. The book is mostly aimed at women but as Dickson herself notes it is appropriate for anyone who wants to communicate more assertively.

A note: My edition is the 30th Anniversary Edition and the text has been updated to reflect that, with more modern challenges considered, which is handy. However, the text does seem to have a lot of errors, things like typos or repeated or missing words. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.