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Heroine traveling to her past with a warning. After an unsuccessful mission to rescue Excavator from his father and the Wrecking Crew , the team returned to the Hostel to be confronted by a mortally wounded Heroine , a woman claiming to Gert's future self and leader of the Avengers. Using the 4-D Time Portico , she narrowly escaped the onslaught of Victorious , with a message to the Runaways: find Victor Mancha and stop him from becoming this deadly super-villain.

The Runaways were able to find Victor Mancha despite interference from Excelsior. Just as the group was adjusting to this new normal, a Super-Skrull-in-Training name Xavin arrived. After a brief firefight and high-speed chase, Xavin was able to explain about the pact the Deans had made with Xavin's father: in exchange for sparing the Earth from a Skrull invasion , the Deans would offer the location of Majesdane and their daughter's hand in marriage.

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The information provided by the Deans launched a full-scale war between the Skrulls and Majesdanians prompting Xavin to travel to Earth in hopes that a marriage between the races would end the hostilities. Karolina agrees to accompany Xavin and end the Skrull-Majesdanian conflict after Xavin shape-shifted into a female form to suit Karolina's sexual preference. Shortly after M-Day , the Runaways were approached by the X-Men , who were hoping to recruit Molly to the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to learn and train alongside her fellow mutants.

Although a fight broke out, the X-Men accepted Molly's decision to remain with her friends, but also left the invitation open. While there they encountered Spider-Man and the New Avengers. The Runaways continued to defend L. Molly was able to inspire her fellow captives and together defeated the Provost. Shortly after Alex's death, a group of his online friends joined together to perform a spell to resurrect Alex. However, the spell killed Oscar and summoned a young Geoffrey Wilder from the s.

Their plans came to a head one evening when they lured the Runaways out to the suburbs, took control of Victor, and revealed that Nico and Chase had secretly kissed. During the ensuing chaos and infighting, the Pride was able to kidnap Molly Hayes. Unfortunately, the Runaways paid a high price for Gert's life.

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In the aftermath, Chase departed with Old Lace and the Abstract, the Pride disbanded, Wilder was returned to the s with no memories of the future, and the Runaways buried Gert behind the Hollywood sign before returning to the Hostel to mourn. The Runaways teamed up with the Young Avengers. Although they attempted to stay out of the Superhero Civil War , S.

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When the Young Avengers arrived to recruit the Runaways, a brawl soon broke out. Sometime later, Chase began to finalize his plans to resurrect Gert by offering himself as a sacrifice. Unfortunately, when the group returned to the Hostel they found Iron Man and his Cape-Killers waiting for them. The team successfully stole the item but were confronted by the Punisher [39] then a winged monster then an army of Kingpin's ninjas. The group only barely escaped when Chase plugged the Overdrive into the Leapfrog transporting them back to The Runaways in New York City.

While in the past, the group became involved in a conflict between the Street Arabs , the Upward Path , and the Sinners.

Runaways (Earth-616)

In an effort to find a way home the team splits up. Victor and Spieler went to consult with Professor Duck and began to develop a romantic attraction. Meanwhile, Nico was abducted by the Upward Path where she met a distance ancestor, Witchbreaker. Chase and Xavin encountered younger versions of Dale and Stacey Yorkes , and Chase used the opportunity to steal their 4-D Time Portico to rescue Gert from the past before she was killed.

Elsewhere, Karolina and Molly sought out Klara Prast , a Swiss immigrant and child-bride of an alcoholic and abusive man , in hopes of recruiting her to the Runaways to rescue her from her husband. Events finally culminated with a large battle between the three factions of Wonders. During the chaos of the battle, the Runaways were able to regroup and escape with plans to bring both Klara and Spieler to the future with them. Unfortunately, before they could escape, they were confronted by the Yorkes. It was only through the timely arrival of Chase in the 4-D Time Portico sporting a new set of Fistigons that they were able to board the Leapfrog and return to the future except for Spieler who decided to remain in Upon returning to present-day New York, the Runaways encountered the beginning of the Skrull invasion of Earth.

Shocked by the events and wanting to protect his friends, Xavin immediately knocked out the others and attempted to bring them to safety. Departing from the others, Xavin tried to help Wiccan and Speed save Hulklings life. Manuscript map, [ca.

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Geography and Map Division , Library of Congress Outraged by the Fugitive Slave Act, African American leaders became more impatient with the lack of improvement in political and social conditions for their race. The national convention movement among free persons of color provided an independent arena where their interests could be defined and strategies developed for their improvement. This copy of the Proceedings belonged to women's rights leader Susan B. Anthony, who was a friend and neighbor of the articulate runaway slave, Frederick Douglass.

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Both lived in Rochester, New York. Rochester: Frederick Douglass, Susan B. David Ruggles, a free black abolitionist leader, was born in He was best known for his work with the underground railroad and the New York Vigilance Committee, organized to protect fugitive slaves and prevent kidnapping of free blacks to sell them into slavery. He worked as a bookseller, publisher, and as an activist in the African American convention movement.

During the s Ruggles published numerous pamphlets and newspaper articles persuasively arguing against slavery and colonization. Here he refutes charges made by David Reese and others against the American Anti-slavery Society, particularly that the society encouraged interracial marriage. Slavery, Ruggles argued, was the chief cause of the amalgamation of the races.

David Ruggles. The "Extinguisher" Extinguished or David M. Reese, M. Ruggles, Too long have others spoken for us. Too long has the public been deceived by misrepresentations, in things which concern us dearly. These editorial comments appeared in the premier issue of the first black-controlled newspaper in America on March 12, The founders of Freedom's Journal , John B.

Their faults were always noted but their virtues remain unmentioned. The paper was published until The Library of Congress has some issues available on microfilm. Freedom's Journal , March 16, John B. Russwurm and Samuel Cornish, founders. Copyprint from microfilm. Frederick Douglass, one of the best known and most articulate free black spokesmen during the antebellum years, was born a slave ca. After he ran away, Douglass tirelessly fought for emancipation and full citizenship for African Americans. North Star , June 2, Edited by Frederick Douglass and Martin Delany. African American artist Charles White, born in , executed many artistic works that symbolize the strength of sinew and character of people of color, including this powerful image of orator, abolitionist, and statesman Frederick Douglass. Charles White. Frederick Douglass. Lithograph, Search GO. An African Captive Tells His Own Story This autobiography is one of the few personal accounts by an African of his experiences as a victim of the slave trade and as a slave.

Benjamin Banneker, Mathematician Benjamin Banneker, born free in Maryland in , was remarkable because of his mechanical and mathematical abilities.

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African American Women Preachers Although little is known about the preacher pictured here, Juliann Jane Tillman, African Methodist Episcopal church records acknowledge that the first bishop, Richard Allen, recognized that some women possessed evangelical and teaching gifts.