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Hurt by those we loved

Reblogged this on Protect Yourself. This is great presentation. Great Jon. Pingback: Fear Freedom Stop domestic abuse!! Say no to violence. Thanks for speaking out and sharing your stories of abuse and survival. I agree that Domestic Violence does need to come out of the shadows. Talking about our personal experiences as domestic violence victims and survivors, helps others not feel so isolated in their abuse. Pingback: The end of sexual violence and domestic abuse?

A resource list of organizations working toward this Krantenkoppen Tech.

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Pingback: 5 brave stories of domestic violence Support for Homicide Survivors. Change and prevention can happen.

Short Stories About Abuse

Survivors can learn to thrive. Reblogged this on Beneath the Tin Foil Hat and commented: Domestic violence comes in many forms, and can happen to men or women. This is a terrific article featuring 5 men and women who not only overcame abuse, but went on to do something to help. Watch this YouTube video of Living in a War Zone, my song about children raised with parents imbibing on the lethal cocktail of addiction and rage.

I starred in Broadway musicals for 15 years and then toured the country sharing my story and my first album of original songs called Grace Place, about growing up around abuse and addiction. Tags for this story:. The TED film festival: Conference shorts. Apply to be a TED Fellow. Get the TED newsletter. New talks released daily.

Be the first to know! By Kate Torgovnick May. Amy Watson commented on May 7 Natrasevschi commented on Feb 5 Dami Singh commented on Feb 4 Tomasz Kolinko commented on Feb 4 Men can also be victims. You might think otherwise by reading this article. Linda Nelford commented on Feb 2 Jannie Milton commented on Jul 7 You are a brave young woman to share your story. I am proud of you : Love, Someone who went through it, too. I had the same experience I was only 12 years old when I was molested on numerous occasions by my mother's boyfriend.

Reaching Out - A Fourteen Year Old Rape Victim Shares Her Story - Health & Wellness

It happened almost everyday starting in January and ended in May. I did not fully under stand what had happened to me until I was 14 years old.

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Hurt, shame, guilt and hate engulfed me to the point of cutting myself;from my wrist,arms, thighs and chest. I felt so alone and I hated myself so much it was beyond words. I went the point where I swallowed more than 20 tablets to kill myself, but it failed.

The worst part is that no one in my family knew about it. My classmates didn't understand me they said I was weird.

I started seeing a counsellor at my University who later referred me to the psychaitist. The psychiatrist diagnosed me with a combination of PTSD, anxiety and depression. I spent 1 yr and 6 months in therapy. I am now 22 yrs old and it still bothers me from time to time especially after hearing about the numerous cases of abuse. Thank you I was molested by 2 people, for years. When I finally told my parents, they didn't believe me. My friends don't understand, as they've never experienced it.

I have cut since I was 6, so for 11 years now.

I'm sorry this happened to you too, but at the same time, ti's good to know that other girls my age have also experienced similar things. I'll keep praying for us, that we can move closer to G-d's loving embrace, and forgive the past, and by doing so, look forward to our future. Me Too I'm 16 now, but I was nine, it was awful, and I continued to see my neighbor every day. My parents just found out about it this past winter, but they don't know about the pills and the cutting, and my previous lack of belief in G-d. They didn't understand my grades or why I lost all my friends.

Everything deteriorated, and then G-d found me. Thank you for sharing your story in such a brave way, and impacting countless people who have or are going through the same thing! So knowing these things can help you survive your trauma and help you to gain healthier ways to deal with it and overcome it. If you are not blessed with people in your life that are supportive of you and invalidate your feelings rather than validate them, then try to find people who will be supportive of you.

And if you are having trouble finding G-d in the darkness of your trauma, I urge you to don't give up on G-d. Continue to pray and draw closer to Him and you will find that He is still G-d in your pain and is there to help you and bring good to you out of that pain. Finding the Right Therapy First Posting I thank you for having the courage to share your story and Chabad for having the courage to publish it and help bring light on this subject. I am encouraged by your words that you are seeking healthy ways to survive the trauma and doing things to reclaim what was taken from you and are moving forward in strength.

I hope this for the anonymous poster as well whose mother didn't want to know and whose father hated her. Finding the right therapy is critical in how well you survive your trauma. And don't beat yourself down because you feel you should be over it and you are not.

There are many factors that influence your behavior that come into play when you go through a trauma. Will continue in a second posting Reply. Overcomer To experience the pain not only physically, emotionally, and psychologically etc of being raped.. But to be a support to someone who does know.. I was It has been eight years, yet that moment changed my life. B"H, he transforms even the most heinous deed to something that can be used for good. Sharing your story with others.

You are not alone. Being a testament.. Overcoming someone sinning against your own body. Remember the faith of Esther, who repeatedly was raped each time the king summoned, and yet was willing to even sacrifice her own spirituality for the sake of the Jewish people in offering herself to him.

Women's stories

To experience suffering in this world, and yet we as a people rise above it. And transform the utter darkness around us revealing the light of Mashiach.

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  5. A story like yours You are also a phenominal person. You have taken pain, not wallowed in it, but are using it to get trained and be a support system for others. I wish other people who witness or experience injustice would work even in some small way to be proactive in preventing such injustice and helping others overcome their challenges.

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    7. That you are dedicating yourself to professional training and your life to that end is the greatest revenge you can have on those who caused your pain. Good Luck. Stay alive Don't kill yourself. The way I kept from killing myself was to tell myself,"I'll feel better later. But there have been a few happy moments now and then and in any case Gd's world is too beautiful to abandon it, no matter the pain or shame. I respect you!! What happened to you was not your fault you were a victim of a terrible crime against humanity and were robbed of a significant part of your childhood.

      I cry for all the victims of our terrible exile where such evil can take place and beseech Hashem How much more!!?????