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It has shrunk considerably in size — moving away from a business model that predominantly focused on investment bank operations to one that depends almost completely on traditional loans-and-deposits banking. Notably, a bulk of the reorganization started in when the bank slashed its investment banking activities.

The large-scale reorganization plan was triggered by conditions imposed on RBS as a part of its bail-out at the peak of the recession as well as stricter regulatory changes in the wake of the downturn. But what if no such conditions had been imposed on RBS, and it had chosen to retain a full-fledged investment banking division? We focus on trends after , as that is when the bank reorganized its investment banking operations.

‘Why would people give it to their pets?’

Additional details about the trends in average revenues and margins for the investment banking operations of these banks is available in our interactive dashboard. I have no plan. I will leave it to the good things and good times to find me. Nimrat Kaur.

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Good Me Good Times Will. Just knowing you don't have the answers is a recipe for humility, openness, acceptance, forgiveness, and an eagerness to learn - and those are all good things. Dick Van Dyke. Good Forgiveness You Acceptance.

Trust the young people; trust this generation's innovation. They're making things, changing innovation every day. And all the consumers are the same: they want new things, they want cheap things, they want good things, they want unique things. If we can create these kind of things for consumers, they will come. Jack Ma.

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Good Day Trust People. Immortality is to live your life doing good things, and leaving your mark behind.

Brandon Lee. Life Good Live Doing.

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I do small things. I try to do good things every day. Jackie Chan. Things happen. And good things happen, and bad things happen. And I'm a person - I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason. Manti Te'o. Good Things Happen Bad Person.


I come from a background where you don't show off the good things you do. It's modesty. Mesut Ozil. Good You Show Off Things. Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy. Good Men Jealousy Envy. When you think positive, good things happen.

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  7. Matt Kemp. Positive Good You Think Happen. Animals praise a good day, a good hunt. They praise rain if they're thirsty. That's prayer. They don't live an unconscious life, they simply have no language to talk about these things. But they are grateful for the good things that come along.


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    Mary Oliver. Life Rain Good Day. I tell people that life is like a book. Sometimes you've just got to turn the chapter. Even if you don't understand it, turn the chapter and move away from it. You don't know all the good things that are ahead of you yet. Danny Gokey. Life Good You People. For a real New India to arise, all petty and small things must be given up.

    To be redeemed, all Indians must offer to sacrifice not only their good things, but all those evil things they cling to blindly - their hates and their divisions, their pride in what they should be thoroughly ashamed of, their quarrels and misunderstandings.

    Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Good Small Things Evil Sacrifice. Load more quotes. Explore Topics Motivational Quotes.

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