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The most important is to understand that sports talk radio is as much about radio as it is sports. There are specific skills you must master before any program director will let you near a mic. And we can teach you all you need to know, quickly, affordably, and right in your local area. We do it through the mentor-apprentice training model. But first, what are you going to learn?

Top 10: Talk Show Hosts of All-Time

Why a working sportscaster is best qualified to teach you? Do you want to be a celebrity? If your outrageous actions put you in the spotlight as the center of the story instead of a vehicle for telling a good story, talk radio may not be your avenue. Be a commentator on other talk shows, but not the host of your own show. I know there are those who want to listen to talk radio to cheerlead their own camp and get more people to agree with their politics.


Search for:. He was the most popular host in all of television. Carson was also the first true late night host that left a cultural footprint.

Who Is Oprah Winfrey?

People young and old stayed up as late as they could just to see his opening monologue. But above all that influence, he was as funny as anyone ever was on television. Oprah is the biggest name in the world and the best daytime talk show host of all time.

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She revolutionized what hosts could do on a daytime show. One episode she would be interviewing famous people in Hollywood, the next interviewing leaders of the world. In another installment, she would be discussing topics that audiences talked about at their dinner tables every single day.

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That would all be within one week of episodes. During her time as a host, Oprah was bold, fierce and understanding.

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  • How to Become a TV Show Host? 15 Awesome Tips - WiseStep.
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Oprah made daily event television that everyone watched. A decent actor that was trying to save a show going nowhere fast. And in a crazy turn of events, Stewart took a middle of the road show and turned it into the most important 30 minutes of daily television.

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He was the most vital man in late night. One could even make the argument he was the most important man in all of news while simultaneously wearing the hat of a comedian. He grilled pop-stars and politicians, treating each the same in interviews. He was the voice of a generation. When Stewart left back in , Stewart left a massive void in the cultural landscape. Now semi-retired, he is a living legend, enjoying life outside of television, while helping those that need it most.

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