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Just remember we are trying to figure out this new dating world too and may make some mistakes along the way. If you can just reserve a bit of judgment and try to be encouraging, that would be great!

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And, yes, we do appreciate all of your advice…we just might not take it. You can have an occasional vent session with these girls and they are not offended or bothered in the least I fall under this category. But not every divorced woman is there yet. Complaining to these friends about your husband is like complaining about your kids or pregnancy to someone who just had a miscarriage or is dealing with infertility.

Unless you know for sure your friend can handle your vent sesh, try to be sensitive to her feelings. These should be easier to spot. If your friend is a little too gleeful of your irritation with your husband, and especially if she encourages separation or divorce, stay away from her. She is toxic to your marriage. A good friend married or not would suggest counseling or reconciliation if you are having issues. I personally hope my married friends have life-long and happy marriages!

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We miss you. Our kids miss your kids.

When Life Gives You Lemons.. Should You Make Lemonade?

I was so thankful for those friends who still invited me to things after I was divorced. A few of my friends truly made me feel as if nothing had changed. We were still invited to family parties and cookouts and events. They made me feel normal. They made my kids feel normal. I also had other friends who no longer invited me. Or maybe they thought that I would feel uncomfortable, so instead of leaving the decision of whether to attend up to me, they made the decision for me.

Either way, it hurt. It made me feel weird, out of place, and alienated. So, if you are on the fence about whether to invite us or not, please invite us. Oh, and another thing…if you go to church, invite us to sit beside you on Sunday. It can be weird to get used to sitting alone at a service where almost everyone seems to have someone with them. I know that having a husband is a big part of your life, and it used to be a big part of ours.

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But even though we no longer have that in common, we still have other things that we share with you. After all, we still have kids and all that comes with that.

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Plus, even though we are no longer wives, we are still women. We still love neighborhood ladies events, shopping, dancing, trying new restaurants, laughing with our girlfriends, weekends away, etc. Whatever we did with you before, we still love now! We can still be friends. For those of us who have our children every other weekend, that time is precious to us!! No kids. Not as many responsibilities. So, if you do have a weekend free when you would like to have some girl time: grab brunch, get a little pampering, etc.

If it is her free weekend, she would probably love nothing more than to have some girl time with you! I cannot tell you how many times I have said no to a kid-free event on a weekday or a weekend when I have my kids. Yes, I need a break.

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Yes, the 12 days straight with my kids without having help can drive me insane. But I work full-time. I spend most of my evenings shuttling kids to afterschool activities. When I have time to spend with my kids, I want to hang out with them. The worst part of becoming a divorced mom is that almost every single MNO takes place on a Thursday, no matter what it is: Bunco, Book Clubs, etc. My kids have missed out on a lot when they were with their dad.


Even though he and I co-parent very well together, he lives 3 hours away. Which means that my girls miss a lot of birthday parties, sleepovers, playdates, and other events. Our kids are sad to miss out and we are sad that they have to miss out. They may be able to make it next time!

Why I, a Single Mom, Take Pics with my Kids and Their Dad

If anything, I think I miss that the most. Just someone who could watch the kids while I ran to the store. Or who could unload the dishwasher. Or do the night time routine so I could just have a little break. Someone who could help with taking the kids to their afterschool activities. Someone to share paying the bills. Someone to back me up when the kids want to keep arguing with me. And on top of that, we are the breadwinner in our family.

Have you seen the people on those dating apps?? Remember how stressful and nervous you were to go on a date in college when all of your girlfriends were there helping you get ready and sharing in the experience with you?

While not every divorced mom shares my exact schedule or circumstances, almost all of us have one thing in common: We are trying to be everything to everyone, while trying our best to support our kids and help them have the best childhood possible. All with no partner to help. And, yes, those of us who have every other weekend off can sometimes catch up on sleep on that off weekend.

Well, for many of us divorced moms, we deal with that every other week. When kids see dad only every other weekend, they tend to get a little spoiled at his house. You want to make the most of the time the child is with you, and you want for the visit to be a great experience. My kids definitely have different rules at their dads. My youngest sleeps with her dad she is very cuddly , which makes it SUPER fun when she comes home and wants me to lay with her until she falls asleep.

Very doable two weekends a month. Not practical or feasible when I have to use the time after the kids are in bed to get the house in order. No matter what kind of lifestyle we had when we were married, no matter whether we have gone back to work or if we get child support, we are probably on a tighter budget than we were when we were married.


I had a sweet friend once who was trying to help me house hunt. She told me that the house down the street from her in our old neighborhood was for sale. Some may be able to fund a similar lifestyle, but most of us have had our budget take a bit of a hit. Since my divorce, I have learned to kill bugs, conquered my fear of being in a house alone, started paying all the bills by myself, taken up every household chore…. But when you or your kids are sick with something major, you never wish you were still married more. When I had the flu, my friends dropped off soup, crackers, tea, and medicine to me.

A friend sent her husband to help me hang a light in my house. My brother-in-law checked out my car when it was acting funny to see what was wrong. Even though we have to do almost everything alone, it is nice to have a little help when we need it. After all, no matter what you think of him, he is still the father of his children, they love him. Your negative behavior could even cause us issues in court as most custody agreements include a clause about disparaging remarks made about either parent in front of the children.

Instead of bashing, keep our mindset positive and help us find solutions to our problems. Encourage us to make some time for us maybe even offer to watch the kids for a bit so we can relax. Remind us to keep our eye on the prize of a healthy co-parenting relationship so our kids can be healthy and happy!

I hope this post helps those married mamas who are having a difficult time relating to their newly divorced friends, but if you are having a hard time connecting to an old friend who has gone through this huge life change, just ask her about her life now. She may be dealing with the same things as me, or she may have other challenges, but either way, the path to understanding begins with open dialogue.

I love you!!! Like most moms with young children, she seems a bit frazzled, hair a mess.


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You notice she has no ring on her left hand. The man behind you makes a comment about how his taxes helped pay for her food, and you watch as a flush colors her cheeks. What do you do?