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Assistant Professor, Department of French, P. Alazet, B. Lettres Modernes Minard. Ali, D. Vivre Comme?

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La Martin? Aumont, J. Les th? Armand Colin. Bazin, A. Jean Renoir. Da Capo Press. Paris, Champ Libre. Bertin, C. Jean Renoir, cin?

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Cassirame, B. Marguerite Duras: les lieux du ravissement: le cycle romanesque asiatique: repr?

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Chanda, Tirthankar, and Olivier Da Lage. Marguerite Duras? Paris, Lettres Modernes Minard. Editions du Panama. However, other factors such as occupation or income also have an impact on perceived social status. The third chapter shows that there is a relationship between the number of crimes against Scheduled Castes and Tribes and the way water is distributed, thereby evidencing that untouchability practices are still vigorous, despite being outlawed by the Constitution.

This suggests that some groups may be excluded from accessing public goods in India that turn out to be club goods. This is further investigated in chapter 4 where results strongly suggest that there is caste patronage in accessing publicly provided goods. In conclusion, we set forth an agenda for future research that resolves around better understanding social identities formation a well as the reasons for their rise.

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Document type : Theses. Results per book Results per chapter.

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Presses universitaires du Septentrion. Search inside the book. Full text.

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