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Capitan Pasha. Captum te nidore suae putat ille culinae. Caput mortuum.

Nullity of the surety granted in favour of the banks

Car tel est notre plaisir. It is now happily used only in an ironical sense to mark some act of despotic uthority. The plural is carbonari. In the wooded districts of the Abruzzi, a secluded and romantic region of Italy, the manufacture of charcoal goes on; and from the name of the charcoal-burners, the noted sect of the CARBONARI took their appellation, originating here and in Calabria.

Carebant quia vate sacro. But some high literary authority was wanted to record the change in lasting print; and, in the absence of such authority, no one of these words has been universally adopted, carebant quia vate sacro. A gentleman may be defined as a manc of unizmpeachable honor and gallantry, of dignijied carriage, spotless reputation, a high mind, liberal views, and a goodly education.

Caret periculo, qui etiam tutus cavet.

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From the Ital. A portrait made uglier than the natural figure.

Falsches Spiel: Roman (German Edition)

Carior est illis homo quam sibi. It might be expected of the Christian that he should feel at least as solemnly as the Roman satirist, C6arior est illis homo quan sibi. Addressed by the poet to a woman, which accounts for " credula. If it be well to-day, it is madness to make the present miserable by fearing it may be ill to-morrow: when your belly. But if to-morrow you shall want, your sorrow will come time enough, though you do not hasten it: let your trouble tarry till its own day comes.

But if it chance to be ill to-day, do not increase it by the care of to-morrow. Enjoy the blessings of this day, if God send them, and the evils of it bear patiently and sweetly; for this day is only ours: we are dead to yesterday, and we are not yet born to the morrow. He, therefore, that enjoys the present if it be good, enjoys as much as possible; and if only that day's trouble leans upon him, it is singular and finite.

But if we look abroad, and bring into one day's thought the evil of many, certain and uncertain, what will be and what will never be, our load will be as intolerable as it is unreasonable. Life's troubles come never too late. If to hope overmuch be an error,'Tis one that the wise have preferred; And how often have hearts been in terror Of evils-that never occurred! Half our troubles are half our invention, And often from blessings conferred Have we shrunk in the wild apprehension Of evils-that never occurred!

Carte du pays.


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Hence cashier, to discard, dismiss from an office. This word must not be confounded with cashier, one who has charge of cash. Casta ad virum matrona parendo imperat. When she who rules still seems but to obey! The Hindoo religion divides the people into castes. Castrant alios, ut libros suos, per se graciles, alieno adipe suffarciant.

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Casus belli. Catalogue raisonne. There is much communication between the shipping and the shore at Madras by means of these small craft. Cattiva e quella lana, che non si puo tingere, Ital. Caudae pilos equinae paulatim vellere. Causa latet, vis est notissima. Cause c6lbre. In using the word "mZilvius" [a kite] in this passage, the poet alludes to a species of fish, living on prey, and sometimes, for the sake of obtaining food, darting up from the water like the flying-fish when pursued by its foe.

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Caval non morire, che erba de venire. Cave tibi cane muto et aqua silente. If a landlord gives an acquittance to his tenant for the rent which is last due, the presumption is that all rent in arrear has been duly discharged. Caveat creditor. Cavendum est ne major poena, quam culpa, sit; et ne iisdem. C'est a dire. C'est le chemin des passions, qui m'a Conduit A la philosophie.

C'est le fils de la poule blanche. C'est le refrain de la ballade. C'est la plus belle rose de son chapeau. GCest renouvee1 des Grecs. C'est un beau venez-y voir. C'est un vrai bilboquet. C'est une bibliothbque renversee. C'est une grande habilete que de savoir cacher son habilet6.

Guide Atti e pareri - civile (Professione avvocato) (Italian Edition)

Ce monde est plein de fous, et qui n'en veut pas voir, Doit se renfermer seul, et casser son miroir. Ce que l'enfant oit au foyer est bientot connu jusqu'A Monstier. Ce qul fait qu'on n'est pas content de sa condition, c'est l'id6e chimr6rique que l'on se forme du bonheur d'autrui.

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Ce qu'on nomme liberalit6 n'est souvent que la vanit6 de donner, que nous aimons mieux que ce que nous donnons. Cedant arma togae, concedat laurea linguae. Cedat, uti conviva satur. Cede Deo. Cede repugnanti, cedendo victor abibis. Cedite Romlani scriptores, cedite Graii. This is a quotation generally emnployed in an ironical sense. Cedunt grammatici, vincuntur rhetores. Fr -" All that is very well, but I don't like it, or, but I must have my money. Celerius occidit festinata maturitas.

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Celui gouverne bien mal le miel, qui n'en goute, et ses doigts n'en leche. Celui-Ih est le mieux servi, qui n'a pas besoin de mettre les mains des autres au bout de ses bras.