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He tells stories about going on dates with his wife. They have been married for 59 years. He worked at the post office for 30 years before retiring. He talks about all the cars they owned.

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Elvia interviews her father and tells him how much she loves him and how much he means to her life. He loves music and has passed on the passion to Elvia. Thomas where there were plenty of rich kids. She cleaned houses to put herself through school and never was embarrassed. Her father worked as a welder and taught her about hard work. Celso is famous for his consejos, or advice. He taught Elvia how to love. She feels safe with him. He knows she loves her dad. He taught her.

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Storyteller: Mata, Johnny N. John and Johnny talk about their careers of community service within the Latino community in Houston. Started the Latino Learning Center. Started by a private group, encouraged to be a non-profit. Storyteller: Gonzales, Sylvia L. Sylvia Gonzales 65 is interviewed by her friend, Celia Vara Valles 49 about her career in law enforcement, her adoptive son Michael and her grandchildren whom she has raised. Storyteller: Carisalez, Connie M. Connie Carisalez reminisces with her sister Claudie Carisalez Morland about their great grandparents and their grandparents.

Olivia and her partner talk about their family histories and their life together. She couldn't read but she could count. She made 10 tortillas and put a bean aside, and then she would trade a bean for a peso to the shop. She came home with two doughnuts. Thomas and told her to go in and tell them she wanted to attend. Her mother sat her in front of the TV to learn. Her dad was dying when she told him. She would pass the nursing part of the examination, but always fail the English part of the exam.

She talks about taking English courses at Houston's Community College. She remembers meeting a couple she that had been patients of hers in Colombia. She still has the first paycheck they ever gave her. She's been a nurse for over 20 years. Shannon Stoney 55 interviews her friend, Vilma Burwick 42 who grew up in Peru, met her husband in an airport and is now in the US studying Biology.

He offered her the newspaper. She was listening to her first ipod and didn't want to talk to anyone. He kept telling her how beautiful she was. She gave him her email and the wrote each other, using a dictionary to understand. The pay was very low and she had to choose between eating breakfast or dinner. She is so grateful to have healthcare. Here there is a doctor for everything! Even Spanish speaking cultures are very different.

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Sometimes they speak to each other in English because their Spanish is so different. Storyteller: Flores, Maria E. Maria E. Juan Cuevas 33 interviews his mother Harriet Ottenstein about her life, career as a pianist, and family. She could tell what song was on a record just by looking at the grooves. He was talking animatedly and made her spill soup on her dress. She became his accompanist. She has been a concert pianist, a piano teacher, a nurse, a mom of 7, and has written a book.

They are a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-interesting family. Luz Burrows-Henrice 57 is interviewed by her daughters, Cristina Castro 24 and Maria Calzada 34 about coming to the United States from Chile and her career, marriage, and divorce.

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Janet Carballo 27 y su amiga Martha Fazzoni 43 hablan de sus vidas en los E. Hable de su experencia en su escuela de Ingles. Nora and Rita talk about their lives, their family, and childhood. Rita came to the US 15 years ago.

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She began to work in , and experienced discrimination at work. She loves working with kids. Kids are innocent. Estaban separados por 3 meses. She had to be separated from her kids when she came to the US first. They were separated for there months. Her youngest was 2. Tiene recuerdos que hace lagrimas. Ella fue maltratada y por eso, ella quiere hacer una madre mejor. Childhood was difficult for Nora.

She grew up with her grandparents. Memories bring tears. She was maltreated, and it makes her want to be a better mother. He talks about segregation at restaurants.

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He also talks about the day he learned from his captain that the war was over. He remembers not knowing what an atomic bomb was at the time. He describes the scene. He talks about what he taught his son and the things he would do with his son.

EL PÁJARO DE LA VERDAD - The Bird of Truth Story - Cuentos para dormir - Cuentos De Hadas Españoles

Javier interviews his mom, Martha, about her time coming to the US and working in the fields with her mother and siblings. Her father worked in a bakery. Martha remembers waiting to see what her mother brought her from "the other side.

follow link Mom took the kids and they crossed the border to live in Texas.