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Sketching User Experiences: The Workbook. This guide also looks great on the Kindle app for the iPad. If you want to create a squeaky clean Lightroom catalog, this is the book for you.

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To learn how to organize thousands of images in your Lightroom catalog and much more, scroll up and buy the book now. On the other hand, Perceived risk which is another independent variable were found to have a negative correlation with behavioural intention, meaning the higher the perception of risk is associated with using the mobile application, the lesser the intention to use the crowdsourcing mobile application will be.

Moreover, it was found that Gen Y, the older generation had a higher behavioural intention to adopt the mobile crowdsourcing app with higher perceived usefulness, higher social influence and higher hedonic motivation than the Generation Z the younger generation. Additionally, women were found to have higher perceived risk than men. Yet women were more hedonically motivated than men while men were socially influenced than women in adoption of mobile application.

Keywords: Crowdsourcing Mobile Application, Generation Y and Z, Maldives, repair and maintenance, perceived usefulness, social influence, hedonic motivation, behavioural intention. This research will look in deep on how these elements will impact the employees turnover intention. A total of respondents take part in the data grouping, in which was elected using a snowball sampling from the distribution of the questionnaires throughout the organization in two weeks time.

In fact, the data that has been collected were utilized as primary data for this study. Along with that, this research gives several past studies and findings that have been conducted on how the elements will impact the employees turnover intention. The research also has discovered that the elements Job Burnout, Job Security and Organizational Commitment are strongly correlated to the turnover intention.

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This research report can be utilized for an organization, particularly for Credit Counselling and Debt Management Agency to identified the turnover intention of their employees by taking into account on employees job burnout, job security and organizational commitment. Subsequently, the data of this study were collected through self-deployed questionnaires and were spread among women working by using Quota Sampling methodology that were controlled by marital status and working experience as well as, applying quantitative survey using statistical methods to test the hypothesis.

There were a total of eighty questionnaires collected from working women starting from the age of twenty and above. Besides, the findings of this research are limited by the amount of respondents, the coverage area and location, and language interpretation. Finally, the purpose of this study is to contribute to the body of knowledge by continuing to shed lights on the barrier women face in their work place that hinders their career advancement. Keywords: women career advancement, career development, job motivation, socioeconomic status, and networking.

Reimer, Marc J. Tissaa Tony. Faith and Emotional Intelligence. References: 1. Sulekha, R.

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Francina Pracila Mary, Tharmalingam. Impact of Inflation of the Household Spending Power. RBI pegs retail inflation at 4. Selvam, D. Ashok, P.

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The findings of the study found that, the respondents have full awareness and perception about health issues and also they were aware of the various schemes and initiatives taken by the government to uplift the rural women and children to live healthy and better life in rural area Keywords: Awareness, Perception, Health issues, government initiative and Development of rural women References: JG, Van Ginneken JK, Maternal education and child survival in developing countries, The search for pathways of influence, 27, No.

Census , Government of India. Frank Transer, Methodology for optimizing location of new primary health care facilities in rural communities: A case study in Kwazulunatal, South Africa, Journal of Epidemiology Community Health , Vol. GuhaMazumdar p, Gupta K.

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Hair, J. F, Anderson, R. E, Tatham, F. L, and Black, W. Smith, L. World Bank , Environmental health and child survival: epidemiology, economics, experience. Washington, DC, World Bank,. References: Brady, K. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 9 2 , , Browning, L.