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Written on calling card of Comtesse F. Paris: la Tortue, Lilly PQ E14 A75 on page A5 T79 which is also inscribed by Maeterlinck, to Van Bever. C2 Varies slightly from the published work with the last 17 of the poems in the published work not included in this manuscript. Notes in ink on two leaves in two or more hands with diagonal marks crossing out the notes. Removed from Victor Hugo, Le Rhin.

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R6 Morgand et C. Fatout, Lilly PN First set of notes, 6 p.

Second set of notes, 2 p. S Removed from Ponsard. P7 H77 Removed from Ramuz, La guerre dans le haut-pays. Lausanne: C. Tarin, Lilly PQ Removed from Ernest Renan, Heriette Renan.

Paris: Imprimerie J. Claye, Lilly PQ R4 C5. Accompanied by engraving of figure in red and yellow signed by Roger Toulouse. O H Paul Ollendorff, Lilly PQ La Coucaratcha was published in Paris by Canel and Guyot in Amphion was composed in and first performed on June 23, I38 A88 , no.

Paris: Plon-Nourrit et Cie. V8 IU Digital Library Program. Comments: diglib indiana. Archives Online at Indiana University. Search within this document:. Want to learn more? Do you have a question about this collection? Would you like to view the original items in this collection? Are you seeking permission to publish or reproduce items in this collection? French Literature mss. Acquisition Information Received from various sources at various times. Accession information is given with the item entry. The most recent additions made in Usage Restrictions Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Preferred Citation [Item], French Literature mss. Arranged chronologically at the item level, undated items are further arranged alphabetically La Religion naturelle. In black ink. Begins with a 2 p.

Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Slice 2 - "Bohemia" to "Borgia, Francis"

Carries some corrections and additions in another 18th century hand. Accompanied by A. Complains that troubles encountered through recent property acquisitions have delayed work on "les chaveliers et les czars. Palissot de Montenoy, Charles, , dramatist. Argenteuil, France.

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Sous-Carrierre, [France? Praises his work. Will visit soon and hopes to officiate at the chapel there. In French. Encourages him to publish his poetry so that public may not be deprived of his talent. Expresses concern that his works are being plagarized. Eighteenth-century feminist manuscript. Omelettes ou l'origine des Nouvelles Amazones. Par l'Auteur qui se soucie fort peu qu'on le connoisse.

L'an de Grace et de disgrace Prix: la peine de le lire.


A most amusing mock-heroic verse satire on contemporary sexual mores. The saga recounts the tragic decline of amorous arts being foiled by the Goddess Discord by means of a treacherous omelette; and the final revenge of women in the formation of a new society of Amazons. Written out in a fine, flowing script with a hand-painted vignette on the title-page showing two men eating an omelette.

This title is not listed in Gay-Lemonnyer and is probably unpublished. Lebret, M.. To Monsieur, regarding Voltaire and Cramer.

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To Jeremy Bentham. Addresses from address leaf. View item s. Writes to him about his discontent and his wish to leave for Paris; that the princes and Mademoiselle are no longer small children. Addressee given on integral leaf. Commonplace book of French verse recorded by an unknown writer. The date in reference to a verse is noted on page Table of Contents.

To Pierre Jean David d'Angers. Hugo, Victor Marie comte, , novelist. Discusses matters of common interest and says his new address will be "rue du dragon, no. Top third of letter removed. With attached cover of addressee. Lyons, France. To Monsieur Saint Olive, Jeune. Murger, Henri, , novelist. Six stanzas of 8 lines each.