Manual Pilgrimage from Darkness: Nuremberg to Jerusalem

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We had bags of candies, almonds from Paris, stuff like that, you know, wholesale. We had German citizenship. But Hitler took it all away from everybody who didn't like him.

Hitler didn't like people who didn't like him. Later the [Dutch] queen had me come and made me an honorable citizen. Now I am American. I was Dutch. But before that I had German citizenship. I was born in Germany in , on April the third. I was raised in Germany actually but I didn't speak German. I spoke only French. I had a French governess. The war broke out in , and my mother said, "Don't speak [French] on the street.

Then some German kids came and slapped me half to death. I was a kid, just a little kid, five years old. Nineteen hundred nine I was born and it started so I didn't know anything about it. Then I was sent to Geneva to school. My father was in the import business. He called me in one day. But money comes and goes. What you have in your mind and your head will not be taken away from you. I can hear him like it's yesterday!

That's my father. And it so happened that every morning I went to Pittman's College. I went down in the ground, on that underground [subway].

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I had already a penny in my hand for a paper. Now I liked the rag paper, which was the Daily Mirror. It wasn't a fine one. It wasn't the Times.

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And I sit in that underground and I read the paper. Now, this is something you can tell to your children.


I found the thing that was for my life in that paper. A story about William of Burleigh. And the son said, "Father, what is diplomacy? So he had a dervish come to interpret the dream. And the dervish said, "It's very simple. All your sons will die before you. Then the sheik had another dervish come and asked him, "What does it mean? I dreamt I lost all my teeth.

This dervish said, "Go down on your knees, oh high ruler. And thank the almighty Allah that he will give you such long life that you will even so live to see the lives of your sons. And so Burleigh said, " This , my son, is diplomacy. When I came home, back to Germany, my father had at home a little room with a lot of books, a library you know, and a couch.

And he always called me when he had something serious. So he called me. But my father never struck me or anything. He was wonderful. He said, "Did you make up your mind what you want to be? I told you I can pay for everything now, but you never know. You can lose your money. It's the same old story.

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Next thing I know, I was sent to Italy to learn Italian. I was at the University of Florence. I was in Italy when I was about seventeen years old. I was still young. In Italy, at the big exam, there was a big round table. I can see that stuff now like it was yesterday! There was a big round table, and lots of professors around, for the oral exam.

When it was through, one of the professors said, "Child, have you ever thought of writing? He said, "Never, never go for your second thought. When you have an idea or a thought or you feel something, stay that way. Never change it. That advice saved the lives of a lot of people during the war.

by David E. Feldman

I didn't know my father knew that. I never told him. But one time when I came during the war to my father in the middle of the night and said, "Oh, my God. The Germans are watching this man. They promised me they wouldn't hurt him. But I got to go to this man and warn him.

follow url Tell me something. When they promised they wouldn't hurt that man, what was your feeling? Did you think they speak the truth? Or did you doubt them? I didn't know that my father knew me so well. I didn't do a thing.

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And the man was never touched. Can you imagine? Because that professor said, "Stick with your first impression.

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