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Lilith began drinking blood after Adam attempted to sexually pressure her. Lilith is said to look like a normal woman except with wings. Lilith is associated with dragons in the form of Blind Dragon and Leviathan. She is called the torturous serpent, implying suffering or vengeance. Lilith has an insatiable sexual appetite.

Innana turned water into blood after she was raped, making others drink blood. Ereshkigal appears to be torturous in the Underworld. Ereshkigal has seven demons that are her throne bearers. Ereshkigal also does not have her sexual appetite quenched by Nergal. Compare also that Istahar is proposed to have turned into the constellation of Draco, a constellation of a dragon [20]. Istahar is also said in other legends to have turned into Virgo, or the Pleiades [21] - being among the constellations the Hebrews describe the "seven stars" in various names - both Pleiades and Draco being among those names to describe the same set of stars.

However, because other resources point towards Istahar being turned into Virgo, I consider her legend to be dual in nature - both Queen of Heaven and in connection to serpentine energies. She went straight away to Yahweh, and used her prowess of seduction upon Him. Yahweh, known for his soft heart toward women, was finally lulled into revealing His sacred Name unto her. Lilith, by Khephera [3] They assented and she, flying up to Heaven, took sanctuary at the Throne of God , who transformed her into the constellation Virgo - or, some say, the Pleiades.

For when man was created and his body completed, a thousand spirits from the left side assembled round that body […] Zohar, Section 3, Page 19a [and also: When Adam was created and his body completed, a thousand souls from the Left i. Evil side tried to attach themselves to him. But God let out a shout and thus drove them off.

All this while Adam lay there, a body without a soul, greenish in color. Then a cloud descended, and God commanded the earth to produce a living soul. This God breathed into Adam, who now was able to stand up, and, behold, his female was attached to his side. But God sawed his creature in two, whereupon Lilith flew off to the Cities of the Sea, where she still lurks ready to harm mankind.

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The Lilith Myth [9] "Then the woman was considering what should be destroyed because of her genitals; Inana was considering what should be done because of her genitals. She filled the wells of the Land with blood, so it was blood that the irrigated orchards of the Land yielded, it was blood that the slave who went to collect firewood drank, it was blood that the slavegirl who went out to draw water drew, and it was blood that the black-headed people drank.

No one knew when this would end. But nowhere in all the lands could she find the man who had had intercourse with her. Translation [10] Lilith is a demoness with a human appearance except that she has wings. Nidda 24b Direct Talmudic References of Lilith [11] Where they are clothed like birds, with wings for garments The Descent of Ishtar [12] "In that day the Lord will punish with His great, cruel, mighty sword Leviathan the twisted serpent and Leviathan the tortuous serpent"--this is Lilith--"and He will slay the dragon of the sea" Isaiah Treatise on the Left Emanation [13] Ereshkigal was originally a sky Goddess who was kidnapped by the dragon, Kur, and taken to the underworld, where she was enthroned as Queen.

A Gallery of Demons [14] Therefore it is doubled: No linen was spread over her body. Her breasts were uncovered. Her hair swirled around her head like leeks. Tuv hAretz [17] Throne-bearers of Ereshkigal. The Seven Evil Spirits [18] 3. Hebrew Myths [20] THE constellation Draco , the Great Serpent, was at one time ruler of the night, being formerly at the very centre of the heavens and so large that it was called the Great Dragon. Its body spread over seven signs of the Zodiac, which were called its seven heads.

So great a space did it occupy, that, in mystic language, it "drew a third part of the stars from heaven and cast them to the earth. When the sons of God made lecherous demands upon her, she cried: The stars were called "the host of heaven" Isa. The Illustrated Bible Dictionary. Desperate by the appalling cruelty of the punishment, she tried to throw herself into the Red Sea. Driven by remorse, the three angels granted her she would have full power over the newborn children, for eight days after birth for boys, for twenty days for girls, in addition, she would have an unlimited power over children born outside marriage.

However, she would lose these powers whenever she see the image of these angels.

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By chance Lilith has lost nothing of her charm. Samael, master of the fallen angels, found her crying on her mistakes and her loneliness and at once felt in love with her.

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Samael and Lilith both believe to equality for genders and of their origins. They settled together in the valley of Gehenna. Lilith thus became the Queen of Darkness, the eternal feminine in its dark, magical and sensual aspect. Black Lilith is especially rebellious. It is his revolt against the dictatorship of the male that has made it so diabolical. The dominant caste, that of the males, can not tolerate the first woman who dared to refuse the omnipotent Law issued by the males.

Then Lilith was expelled from the holy books, both Christians and Jews decided to ignore the mothers of all mothers. To make up for this loss, sweet Eve came out of the awesome brains of males.

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Today all those who revolt against the inequality of the sexes are certainly girls of Lilith. Her name was Lilith. She separated from him voluntarily. He still lived in innocence when she left him to go to those regions where the Persians settled long after and where lived then preadamites smarter and more beautiful than men.

So she escaped the curse pronounced against Eve and her seed. She is free of pain and death; having no soul to save, she is incapable of merit as demerit. Whatever she does, she does neither good nor bad. Her daughters, she had of a mysterious hymen, are immortal like her and, like her, free of their actions and their thoughts, as they can neither gain nor lose before God.

Now, my son, I recognize by certain signs, the creature that made you fall, this Leila, was a daughter of Lilith. Do you come from Heaven or rise from the abyss, Beauty? Sometimes, being sorry and trying to do the right things aren't sufficient to forego the damages caused by actions. As Braedyn steps forth, believing her reasoning sound, despite the efforts by the many who love her to shield her from the things she might do, betrayal deepens.

Readers will see perhaps what Braedyn sees, or perhaps what her loved ones see, but either way the costs will still be thick and their effects irredeemable; regardless of why they're there. Jennifer's writing is captivating, deep and meaningful.

POTENTIAL PART II (A Daughters of Lilith Tales)

Entertainment around every corner, the world fall of cracks and fissures, where knowledge and consequences run hand-in-hand. Cross genre storylines and a broad range of culture and lore all working well to make her stories an experience, more than just a story; the true tell of an exceptional writer, regardless of the genre. If you weren't hooked before, by Thrall alone, Incubus ensures you'll diarise the rest of the books to come. Dec 11, Takiyah Dudley rated it liked it Shelves: ebook.

Escaping Eden: Finding Lilith in Queerness | Autostraddle

Pretty good author actually surprised me. Kinda thought the reveal at the end was the guy. I just didn't think about it too much. Jun 25, Carol Simmons rated it really liked it. Great story! I did enjoy the first book better but I can't wait to read the third. That is a great story! Jan 23, Isis rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-sci-fi-and-or-fantasy , fey-fairy , magical-being , young-adult , angels-and-or-demons , romance , soul-searching , coming-of-age-at-any-age , part-of-a-series , action.

This series builds each book upon the foundation of the prior book, which means that this review contains spoilers for the first book in the series. I must begin by saying how incredibly grateful I am that I was able to jump straight from Thrall into this second installment of the series. Waiting would have been sheer torture. As it stands, having to wait several more days for Sacrifice to be released is painful enough.

The Fall of Lilith & Rise of the Ancients: Diablo Lore: Part 2

Quinletz's characters leap off the page and into your heart, leaving you completely invested in what happens for them next. Learning that she is 'the enemy' is bad enough, but learning that she could kill the boy she loves with a single kiss is torture. Ah to be a teenager, where all your priorities are in order and everything you do is for the greater good. While I write that tongue in cheek, I must admit that Braedyn tries her hardest to put the whole world ahead of her own desires.

Although the big bad from the first book has been out of the picture, it certainly doesn't take long for trouble to come a'knocking again.

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  6. Within days both Braedyn and Lucas are attacked by a female thrall, something that has been mentioned in Guard legends, but until now had only ever been legend.