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This 19, word story is a very adult, femdom themed, forced feminization fiction fantasy story, which is unsuitable for under 18's.


It features themes of female domination, male chastity, forced feminization, and orgasm denial. All characters in this story are consenting, this story is pure fantasy and not within the realms of realism. If you're looking for male chastity within the realms of realism, I urge you to look at the works of 'Sarah Jameson' whose chastity and cuckholding fiction and male chastity guides are excellent.

Slavery: Part 2 : Operated on : Forced Transsexual.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Kynthos-the-Archer Kyn 's review Feb 20, Well, all I could say is that I did had a bit of fun with this one. Thus his harem was in need of more eunuchs to tend and pamper his beloved wives.

The Harem Slave by Sabrina Jen Mountford

I guess you all know where this is going right? Roy and Henry now Raisha and Herietta the feminized harem slaves are subjected to a lifetime of submission and servitude, cruel chastity, sexual teasing and denial, forced cunnilingus and even used as breeding tool. They are both collared like a dog with their new feminine names etched onto their collars and of course they have to dress like a female while serving in the harem.

The bondage can be considered light. The most restrictive position was being placed in a small cage which only allows enough room for standing upright and there is also the 'orgasm chair' where the men were restrained onto to service the mistresses of the harem. To be fair, I did enjoyed a couple of scenes in it.

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Lastly, where's the pegging? I want more stimulation. When they are offered a chance to visit a previously unknown tiny country run by a Sultan, a last stop before they turn around had head for home, it's too tempting an offer to pass up.

Little do they know, they will find themselves being offered for sale at the slave market, and after an invasive poking and prodding from the achingly beautiful princess Hadjina, they are taken away to become the princess's new eunuchs. Their story twists and turns as they end up in chastity, feminized and being domestic servants for the ladies of the harem. Their life becomes a long, unending bout of tease and denial as they squirm and squirm in their devices.

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Of course it can end at any time, because the princess promises them, if their situation becomes too much, just let her know and she will arrange the surgery for them to become eunuch's after all. The tease and denial culminates in a scene where the hapless Harem Slaves are forced to watch the Sultan 'visit' princess Hadjina while she lies back, playing idly with their cruel chastity devices Who will break first? Will either of them manage to leave Rijakistan without becoming eunuchs? This is a dark, dark romance story and a fantasy story which is unsuitable for under 18's.

It features themes of female domination, male chastity, forced feminization, surgery, castration, tease and denial, domestic servitude and more. Any resemblance of Rijakistan to a real place is coincidental.



Please don't read 'The Harem Slave' expecting realism, this is pure fantasy in every aspect. Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read The Harem Slave.


Reading Progress. February 20, — Shelved as: femdom. February 20, — Shelved as: captured-kidnapped. February 20, — Shelved as: dominance-submission.

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November 29, — Shelved as: cover-love. December 14, — Shelved as: in-library. December 19, —. December 20, — Shelved as: contemporary. December 20, — Shelved as: dmc. December 20, — Shelved as: heterosexual. December 20, — Shelved as: interracial. December 20, — Shelved as: master-slave. Eventually Mariella releases Jacqueline from her chastity devices and service, and Jacqueline, the natural switch, decides she has to experience the other side of this relationship, and who better to dominate than her favorite two 'test subjects' Simon and Celeste?

Whom she'd spent the previous two semesters caning and forcing to orgasm? Throughout the submission and the dominance, Jacqueline finds herself learning more about herself and learning more about her sexual preferences, having always considered herself 'straight', after being submissive to Mariella and dominating Celeste, she finds herself feeling more that she is a lesbian, and possibly always has been. Slavery: Part 2 : Operated on : Forced Transsexual.