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Very informative. My research revealed that a lot of German soldiers were not members of the Nazi party. They were dedicated soldiers fighting for the Fatherland, and looking for payback for the indignities of the Versailles Treaty. I prefer silence.

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I also wanted him to kill Kaempffer, but not in any mundane way, so I killed him first. Did he have some kind of mystical tie to the keep? He built the keep and he and Rasalom were linked in eternal opposition. When he was released from within the wall a nod to Poe Glaeken sensed it.

That was why he was trying to escape — to feed on the horrors of war. He was hoping to escape before Glaeken arrived. Also, he might have feared that people speaking his true name would alert Glaeken.

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Lots of down-and-dirty scut work with cardfiles and dead ends in books. Made up the Dinu pass, made up the keep. Their form and function were determined by the story. And I doubt it. I used it as a ticking clock to up the stakes for Kaempffer. Wilson if he had issues with the movie version of The Keep, or if it was all just speculation by the public or media. It also marks the 25 th anniversary of my bitching about the film. Paul Wilson interview. It can be done, but ya gotta wanna.

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Most failed writers suffer from lacka wanna. And always horror. My first story in 2 nd grade was a haunted house tale. But I could see a vampire pretending to be good. Then I took it another step: What if the being was pretending to be a vampire in order to hide something worse?

I had this vision of castle walls studded with crosses. That mix simmered awhile because I wanted something cosmic, outside Judeo-Christian mythology, yet I could not throw out those crosses. And then as I was dozing off in bed one night I realized that the hilt of a sword could look like a cross. I jumped out of bed and started scribbling — the whole story had fallen into place in that instant. I always have the end worked out before I start. The concentration camp was simply to put extra pressure on Kaempffer from outside the plot. I needed to know Wermacht and SS chains of command, uniforms, weapons, and attitudes.

Most of my topography came from a talk with Gahan Wilson the cartoonist — no relation after he made a trip to Transylvania. Rebecca H.

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It kind of has the tinge of Zoroastrianism the dual universe of struggle between light and dark , and I wonder if Mr. So the evil side is known as the Otherness and its opponent as the Ally — not names, simply terms ascribed by humans. I present an indifferent universe.

We are not a great prize, just another marble in the game. The evil side which I call the Otherness is truly inimical because it will want to feed on us and suck us dry if it captures us; but the opposing force the Ally is not good, not beneficent, but preferable because it will treat us with simple neglect. I do believe in an indifferent universe, but no cosmic entities. And even if there is anything out there, I doubt it notices us. Is it the writer, publisher, etc. Do you know where the book will be placed before you begin, or is it categorized after writing?

Most fiction, be it literary or genre, is written toward a certain audience. They deserve to turn that last page and feel it was money and time well spent. Wilson for his talents and efforts and for inspiring me as a writer. My question for him is, how do you judge the success of each of your individual works and how has time changed your opinion of your work over the years if at all? I write much leaner prose now, trimming excess verbiage and redundancies that abound in my earlier fiction. So I cut-cut-cut. Oddly, some of my favorite books are the least successful.

Your description is so vivid; is there a place you have seen that inspired you to write the tale? Finally they found a slate quarry in Wales that fit the bill. They both wanted to reshape the world, but in different ways. Good questions, folks. Thanks for the kind words along the way and I hope the answers satisfied your curiosities. I was wondering if you would ever do an episode where the Wraith over run Atlantis? Or vice-versa where Atlantis got a hold a hive and kept it?

Many thanks to Mr. Wilson for taking the time to answer our questions. I am, however, already looking for an appropriately dry cave to move all my books and dvds into before my stuff gets repossessed. Looking forward to hearing about Whispers filming, as well as the chocolate feast. So, I wonder, how are you guys going with the filming of SGA — I mean, are you guys on time and not laggin behind?

I did not know that F. Michael Crichton and F. Paul Wilson. Thanks a lot to F. Paul Wilson writes: Good questions, folks.

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Thanks very much for answering my question that I found already summed up nicely by Rebecca H. A big thanks to FPW…what a great glimpse into the mind of a successful author.

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  • Joe, Nice website the Repairman ordered the Novel thru Amazon should make a good read. Thanks to Paul Wilson for taking time to answer a few question. Although I was not able to participate, thanks for providing us with the opportunity.

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    I did, however, purchase my ticket to Comic Con months back in the hopes that there would be a Stargate panel. If you have any advice to a first time convention attendee, it would be most appreciated.

    Thank you so much, Mr. M, for single-handedly setting my recovery back at least another year. You know how much I dislike Larrin! You left out Tess Gerritsen. Do you have any favorite names of characters in the Stargate universe that you might suggest as possibilities? Well, this is a late suggestion due to modem problems or my un-friendly ISP doing traffic shaping.

    Have below half speed dialup transfer rate with constant modem resets for no apparent reason for the last few days. Would suggest Anne Teldy for a girl. Name sounds normal except for us gate fans.

    Hope the real life Anne Teldy approved of this suggestion. Healer by F. Paul Wilson has been one of my favourite books for years. Yes, that was a great Q and A. Yes, I did read The Keep and was book that I basically could not put down.