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Accessed June 13, Buttaravoli P, et al.

Colors in Spanish

Colorful urine. In: Minor Emergencies. What the color of your urine means. The National Kidney Foundation.


Aycock RD, et al. Abnormal urine color.

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Southern Medical Journal. The results for airliners are significant savings on repair and inventory carrying costs, reduction in required warehousing space, and the virtual elimination of the need for resources required for repair management, while ultimately providing guaranteed performance levels. The component solution program is part of a suite of services that Embraer offers to support the growing fleet of Embraer aircraft worldwide through TechCare, the portfolio of products and solutions to deliver the best experience of services and support.

Offering a high degree of scalability, elasticity, durability and analysis, the system delivers efficient management of processing and storage capacity, making possible for Embraer to optimize the data ingestion time of the E-Jets E2.

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This ability to perform predictive maintenance will help deliver new feature enhancements to the E2 and accelerate the delivery of improvements to previous models. We see IKON as a totally agnostic tool that opens new horizons to deal with data and an evolution that recognizes possibilities for improvements, making us able to function as an aircraft health monitoring provider. In addition to this, the system is a step forward in the process of aeronautical industry digitalization.

Today, Embraer's second-generation of commercial aircraft produces about GB of directly accessible information per year. Thanks to an expedited routing and analysis system, this high volume of data is able to be transmitted for prompt action. With IKON, the automatic data collection went from 12 days to an immediate process, guaranteeing data is ready to be analyzed 5 minutes after its generation in the aircraft. The high volume of data and the demand for faster and more accurate decisions require technologies to capture, store and connect information across a network.

To ensure that the information is received with assertiveness and agility, Embraer Ground Server EGS uses AWS to automatically connect to the aircraft and handle flight data downloads. After landing, the transmission to the platform is completed in about five minutes.

Colors in Spanish

Next, it is transferred to the IKON data lake, allowing engineers to analyze this information efficiently. AWS is the provider of the entire cloud infrastructure, which offers security, agility, high processing power, analytical tools and cost management — a pay-per-use service, meaning that users only pay for what they use. The AWS ProServe team, the company's professional services division, joined forces with Claranet on the design and implementation of the IKON project and worked to ensure the quality and best practices of data analysis, providing state-of-the-art architecture in terms of efficiency, data quality and scalability.

These programs are part of a range of products developed to serve Embraer jets fleet around the world through TechCare, the portfolio of products and solutions to deliver the best service and support experience. The order has a value of USD These new aircraft will give us the ability to grow our capacity, allowing us to add more routes and frequencies, while also offering our passengers the best cabin in its category.

Of which, FDA's all-Embraer fleet of 14 aircraft represents the largest of its kind in Asia and has a world leading The program includes the advance exchange and repair management for more than essential line replacement units of the aircraft. Your eyes are blue, and when you laugh Their clearness doth recall to me The tremulous effulgence of the dawn Reflected in the sea. Your eyes are blue, and when you weep The drops in them, transparent, wet, To me resemble tears of early dew Upona a violet.

Your eyes are blue; when in their deeps Some fancy gleams, as if afar A point of light, it seems in evening's sky I see a shooting star! Translated by Young Allison.

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Your eyes are blue, and when you laugh Their clearness seems to be The tremulous shimmer of the dawn Reflected on the sea. Blue are your eyes, and when you weep The tears film o'er the blue Till they have the look of violets Freshly bathed in dew. Your eyes are blue, within their depths Sparkles a flashing ray, A thought - as if in evening sky Shone a start astray!

Translated by Alice Jane McVan.

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