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I understand a house being tagged as Under Offer and then would expect it to move on to being tagged 'Sold STC' after a few weeks possibly a month. Does this mean, do you think, that things are going tits up and the property is likely to come back on the open market?

I would say "under offer" is that an offer has been made but not accepted as yet - EA speak for look how popular this house is, why not make an offer. I would say "Sold STC" means an offer has been accepted and they're proceeding but contracts haven't been exchanged as yet - EA speak for an offer has been agreed but seller won't agree to take it off the market so this is your last chance to make a higher offer and earn us more commission.

It just means the same thing. No one would have an under offer board up without a completed chain. It means an offer has been accepted and is proceeding.

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Same as sold stc! My house is currently marked as 'under offer' by my online agent. No idea what the difference is between this and sstc as the sale is proceeding in the same way. I viewed a property "under offer". As i said up thread, someone had offered, and it had been accepted.

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But they had no offer on their house so nothing could be done regarding the sale. So the vendors still had the house on the market. They said while the offer had been accepted, no one had spent any money so should someone come a long in a better position, chain free or their own house under offer, they would go with that buyer.

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Our house is under offer at the moment. Last week we accepted the offer and exchanged solicitors details and that's all. We are still waiting for buyer to arrange survey etc. If they try to lower their offer we will refuse so I suppose in that way we could still end up selling to someone else. The terms under offer and sold, subject to contract are used interchangeably by most EAs, and essentially mean the same thing - an offer has been accepted by the owners of the property, but exchange of contracts has yet to take place.

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So the board should have actually still read 'For Sale' really. The property had an offer on it, but no one was going anywhere, and anyone could still view the property.

Crazy to call a property like that 'under offer'. When we were selling this time last year, our EA marked our house as under offer when we had agreed a sale.


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The board only changed to sold when we had exchanged. I think we exchanged about ten days before we completed, though I can't actually remember. I fully understand why agents want to have the Under Offer sticker up, it shows they have worked very hard to get the property sold and, fair enough, they want to show off that finally the job is done.

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However, if you think about it, the Under Offer or Under Contract sticker serves nobody but the buyer. It completely takes the pressure off the buyer and gives the buyer time to gather their thoughts, do their due diligence, and get their ducks in a row. Sometimes we forget that although we have a duty of care to both buyer and seller, we get paid by the seller, so we need to look after their best interests first. Always remember, buyers are sellers too, and when it comes time for them to choose an agent to sell their most valuable asset, they will choose the agent that demonstrated looking after the sellers, not the buyers.

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